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What is it about ?

Linux Ubuntu basics in business for users training coaching workshop

Linux is ubiquitous on the internet, whether you are surfing a website orconnecting to a cloud service, you are probably connected to a Linux server without knowing it !

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution for desktop and laptop computers.

It is an operating system on the rise and over the years is gaining ground on its main rivals, Mac OS and Windows 10.

So, are you ready to get to grips with and discover the operating system you will be using in the future ?


  • A little bit of history
  • Ubuntu vs. Windows and MacOS: advantages and disadvantages

  • Starting Ubuntu from a USB stick: why? how?

  • GNOME and the main Ubuntu desktops vs Windows and MacOS

  • File and folder structure vs. Windows and MacOS

  • User rights management

  • Specifics of the root user

  • Text editing: first steps with Text Editor (gedit) in GNOME

  • Nautilus: default file explorer in GNOME vs. Windows Explorer and MacOS Finder

  • First steps with the terminal and the command line: why? how?

  • man : the command that lists the user manuals for existing commands: how? why?

  • The main commands: apt, apt-get, ls, clear, exit …

  • Repositories: why? how

  • Install/uninstall a program

  • Libre Office: an overview of the free and open source office suite

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Duration ?

at least 1 day

Price ?

on request

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