WordPress basics

What is it about ?

IT computer WordPress CMS basics training coaching workshop

WordPress represents 1 in 3 websites, it is the most popular CMS in the world! !

Have you always wanted to put your own website online but don’t know where to start ?

Or maybe you have a WordPress website and although it’s managed by someone else you’d like to know a bit more just in case ?

Ready to start the initiation ?


  • WAMP, LAMP or MAMP: installation and creation of your site on your computer before putting it online
  • Management console: overview and essential settings
  • What is possible with WordPress … and what is not!
  • What is a theme?
  • How do I add a theme?
  • How to customize a theme?
  • Which theme to choose?
  • Image management: which file format to use? why? optimisation?
  • Standard theme vs Page Builder and Theme Builder (Divi, Elementor)
  • Children’s theme: when to use it? why?
  • Security, the basics: .htaccess file – readme files – permissions – anti-malware, firewall – anti-spam
  • Caching: why? how?
  • MySQL database: why? how to create a DB for your website/blog?
  • Backing up your website/blog: manual vs. plugin vs. host
  • Hosting your website/blog : VPS? Dedicated? Shared? Cloud? Why do you want to do this?
  • TCP/IP network concepts: what is an IPv4 address? IPv6 ? – Dynamic IP vs fixed IP – Private IP vs public IP
  • FTP (SFTP) client: why? how?
  • The basics of DNS for your website: what is a DNS zone? – records : A (AAAA), CNAME and redirection
  • The certificate vs TLS (SSL): why? how?

Prerequisites ?


Duration ?

at least 1 day

Price ?

on request

No price, no prerequisites, no duration :