Classify and manage your data

What is it about ?

IT computer classify and manage your data files in business training coaching workshop

It is simple : if it takes you more than 10 seconds to find information, it is not correctly classified !

Data that is well classified is data that is not sought after !

A proper filing system should make your life easier and is one of the best practices to be serene and efficient when using a computer !


  • Manage infobesity
  • Without Pavlov, there is no effective classification
  • What methodology should be adopted?
  • Windows file explorer, MacOS finder or Nautilus (GNOME) on Linux: the native filing tool
  • What is metadata?
  • Metadata, surgical filing : why ? how ?
  • Keystrokes and shortcuts to know
  • Windows 10, MacOS and Linux: how to search based on metadata ?
  • Mistakes not to be made
  • Ranking within a team (collaborative)

Prerequisites ?


Duration ?

from 1/2 to 1 day

Price ?

on request

No price, no prerequisites, no duration :