IT basics in business

What is it about ?

In our career we have carried out thousands of interventions. The blockages and recurrent difficulties encountered by users in companies have been compiled in this module.

The basics of IT in business is the “Swiss Army knife” training. Everything that every computer user should know and master is included !

You are not going to become professional troubleshooters, that is not the goal! But the understanding of some very simple principles will allow you to be less stressed when faced with anxiety-provoking situations.

By following this module, you will increase your overall understanding of the ICT world and realise that it is not as complex as it seems.


Some examples :

Is your computer getting slow ? There are recurring causes and understanding them to avoid them is within everyone’s reach !

You have just started printing a document and it does not come out of the printer ? What is the problem ? How can I print again ? Don’t be stuck anymore !

How do you manage your storage spaces such as your computer’s hard drive, your data in the cloud… ? By the way, what is the difference between Megabytes ? Megabits ? Gigabytes ? Gigabits ? We’ll explain it all to you !

And many other tips !

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Duration ?

at least 1 day

Price ?

on request

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